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Fentanyl Investigation & Other Synthetic Opioids (1 day class instructed by Keith Graves)

51521793393_df37921682_c.jpgFentanyl has been harming criminal justice practitioners and first responders around the country. This training will teach you the history of fentanyl, how to recognize it, and what personal protective equipment to use when dealing with this deadly drug. There will be a discussion about recognizing signs of exposure to fentanyl and how to decontaminate yourself in case you become contaminated by the drug. This course has been taught to hundreds of first responders and criminal justice practitioners around the country. This course will help you from becoming the next fentanyl exposure victim.

Class Objectives:

  • Learn the history of Fentanyl
  • Understand how people become exposed to fentanyl
  • Understand the difference between street fentanyl & pharmaceutical fentanyl
  • Know what PPE is needed for possession cases, street sales and bulk quantity/lab cases
  • Learn how to decontaminate yourself if you are exposed to fentanyl
  • Know the signs of overdose
  • Learn how to investigate these cases safely

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