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This class is for beginning search warrant writers and is designed to introduce them to one of most powerful investigative tools available to California law enforcement officers. Attendees will learn the benefits of search warrants through lecture and practical exercises and will leave with all the tools needed to author effective, comprehensive warrants for physical and digital evidence. Participants will explore search warrants for traditional evidence and contraband from residences and vehicles and modern-day sources of evidence from mobile phone companies, social media services, email, cloud storage, and other internet-based technologies. Attendees will receive all the search warrant templates and examples needed to immediately begin authoring their own warrants.
Apple and Google provide 99% of the world’s mobile phone operating systems and yet very few law enforcement officers know what information these companies have much less use this data in their investigations. Critical information can be obtained even when the mobile phone is locked or not in police custody. Additionally, existing forensic tools are capable of accessing some of the data stored in the cloud much more quickly than waiting for a search warrant to be returned.
Almost every investigation involves cell phones at some point and law enforcement investigators need to understand how to obtain all of the available information from them. This class will explore the methods of exploiting a suspect’s cellular phone, phone company records, and third-party data sources to assist investigations involving narcotics trafficking, homicide, sex crimes, gang related offenses, identity theft, and other types of criminal activity. Attendees will have a greatly increased awareness and appreciation of the evidence and intelligence located in a mobile device and provides students with the tools and training to prepare search warrants to legally obtain that evidence.
Did you get the dope but not the money? Did you find the cash but thought there might be more that you missed? Billions of dollars in illicit money are laundered and very few cases are ever investigated even though there were more than 62,000 violations last year in every county in the state. Money laundering cases are not as complex as they appear, and you do not need an accounting degree to investigate them.
Computers and the internet have given modern vehicles the ability to talk to us and share our lives with the outside world. Like most digital devices; cars are leaving a digital footprint with data that can be very useful in an investigation. This data includes location, call and text records, social media activity, car event data, and more.
How can you properly investigate a drug overdose as a homicide? With overdose fatalities at an all time high, many overdoses were caused by the malicious action of unscrupulous drug dealers or other actors. When this occurrs, the investigation can become complicated. From uncooperative witnesses to a multitude of drugs consumed all given to the victim by different drug dealers, the case can become mired and come to a stop. This course will teach you how to investigate a drug induced homicide.
Fentanyl has been harming criminal justice practitioners and first responders around the country. This training will teach you the history of fentanyl, how to recognize it, and what personal protective equipment to use when dealing with this deadly drug.
In this course, we will teach you how to create your online undercover identity and how suspects will try to uncover you. We will teach you how the people you are following can hack you and uncover your undercover identity and your investigation. From social engineering to malware, we will teach you how to create a rock-solid undercover identity that can withstand scrutiny. This is ideal for officers that create online undercover accounts through social media or the dark web. From patrol to detectives, everyone will learn how to perform an undercover investigation that can withstand scrutiny.
Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of information gathered from publicly available sources and tools. Law enforcement OSINT requires not only the production of actionable intelligence but also to generate leads and provide evidence of crimes.
This course is intended for all law enforcement officers with an interest in social media investigations and will focus on Snapchat investigations. This course is relevant to patrol officers, street crimes team members, and investigators working in assignments related to narcotics, firearms, gangs, sex crimes and violent crime.
In today’s ever changing digital world, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are utilized by a statistical majority of U.S. teenagers and young adults 29 and younger. Social media is becoming frequently utilized for narcotics sales and trafficking, firearms sales, gang recruitment, and to prey on minors by predators looking to exploit them, or sell them dangerous narcotics such as Fentanyl. Encrypted communication applications such as Telegram and Signal are increasingly popular with individuals using social media for criminal activity. Social media evidence is useful in many types of investigations, from patrol level cases to complex investigations of sexual assaults or homicides, but it’s not always easy for investigators to identify suspect accounts, obtain legal process, interpret / analyze the data, use it to further an investigation, and ultimately testify to it. This course is intended for law enforcement officers with an interest or a need for experience and training in social media investigations. This course is relevant to street crimes team members, and investigators / detectives working in assignments related to narcotics, firearms, gangs, sex crimes, property crime, robbery and homicide.