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Apple and Google Search Warrants (1 day class instructed by Aaron Edens)

Apple and Google provide 99% of the world’s mobile phone operating systems and yet very few law enforcement officers know what information these companies have much less use this data in their investigations.  Critical information can be obtained even when the mobile phone is locked or not in police custody.  Additionally, existing forensic tools are capable of accessing some of the data stored in the cloud much more quickly than waiting for a search warrant to be returned.

This training will increase law enforcement officer’ understanding of the types of relevant evidence and intelligence that exist within the different platforms, how to obtain it, how to manage it, and how to use it.  This training includes:

  • Writing effective search warrants that capture available information such as:  access logs, Internet Protocol addresses, device IDs, other phone numbers and accounts, addresses, linked social media services, browser data, email messages, deleted email messages, and installed applications.
  • Proper evidence preservation techniques for search warrants returns.
  • Financial data including methods and sources of payment, peer-to-peer payments, and other financial data.
  • Cloud stored data including images, videos, and documents, and associated metadata.  Existing forensic tools for obtaining cloud data.
  • Reverse location searches (AKA ‘geofence’ warrants)-Their appropriate application and use, understanding and testifying about the data and the technologies used to determine location, and surviving legal challenges to the search warrant and the data.
  • Search term search warrants-Searching users’ browsing history for specific key words and terms for significant criminal cases without other investigative leads.
  • Free tools for analyzing the data from Apple and Google search warrant returns.

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